How to Hack a Smartphone, Part 1 By IDG.TV Meir Machlin of Trust Digital demonstrates how to hack a smartphone using SMS. ...Read More »
How to Hack a Smartphone, Part 2 By IDG.TV In the second of two parts, Meir Machlin of Trust Digital continues his demonstration of a smartphone hack. In this demonstration, Machlin turns of security settings remotely and wipes the device. ...Read More »
Live football controlled by the audience with Project FANchise By IDG.TV Project FANchise is the latest mashup between technology and sports. In it's infancy, this newest version of arena football puts the team play calling, roster control, and general manager duties in the hands of the viewers. The players are at the mercy of live play calling through and their mobile app. Is this a gimmick or is this the future of sports? We'll know soon enough. ...Read More »
Tips for prolonging your Galaxy S8's battery life By IDG.TV Samsung's Galaxy S8 has a power-saving mode to help the battery last longer. Well walk you through setup and some best practices for extending battery life. ...Read More »
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Will AMD's Zen 2 be 7nm? - Ask the nerds By IDG.TV Will AMD switch to 7 nanometer production for its upcoming Zen 2 chip? Our nerds discuss. ...Read More »
Will AMD's Zen 2 be 7nm? - Ask the nerds By IDG.TV Will AMD switch to 7 nanometer production for its upcoming Zen 2 chip? Our nerds discuss. ...Read More »
CPU sticker tips - Ask the nerds By IDG.TV What do you do with the stickers you get in CPU boxes? Put them on your case? Slap them on the chip? Our nerds give you tips. ...Read More »
AMD's Ryzen Threadripper is here! By IDG.TV AMD's powerful Ryzen Threadripper chip is here and it's giving Intel some stiff competiton. ...Read More »
Chasing down leakers fast with ThinAir's asset tracking By IDG.TV Tony Gauda, CEO of ThinAir, talks with CSO senior writer Steve Ragan about how the ThinAir system tracks which users within an organization have seen each piece of data, spotting anomalous information and quickly finding the source of a leak. ...Read More »
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AMD Ryzen Threadripper unboxing and installation By IDG.TV The PCWorld crew installs its first Threadripper CPU and learns the old RTFM lesson. ...Read More »
Safeguarding power grids and other critical infrastructure from data leaks By IDG.TV CSO senior writer Steve Ragan talks with cybersecurity experts Krypt3ia and Kodor about how the pair seek out passwords, schematics and other sensitive documents on SCADA control system architectures that shouldn't be available online, passing along tips to federal authorities to combat real-world threats. ...Read More »
Do developers care about security? By IDG.TV They certainly do, according to Sarah Gibson, application security consultant at Veracode, who talks with CSO senior writer Fahmida Rashid about the issues around application security, and how having a collaborative security team is key to writing good code. ...Read More »
Dell Inspiron 27 7000 All-in-One unboxing (and partial teardown!) By IDG.TV The very first Ryzen all-in-one has landed in our office. We open up the box?as well as the machine itself?for a look. ...Read More »
iPhone 8 sneak peek, the iPod nano and iPod shuffle RIP, and Apple Park | Macworld Podcast Ep. 567 By IDG.TV In episode 567, the Macworld staff talks about what we may see in the new iPhones, reminisce about the iPod shuffle and iPod nano, and how Apples new campus may lead to the downfall of the company (not really). Also, this is the first time we've gone live and you can join us over on our Twitter or Facebook every Wednesday morning at 10am PST if you want to join in the discussion! ...Read More »
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