Free Soft Silhouette 1.0.1 By Dave Nagel Adobe, Macromedia, Corel, Creature House and probably a half dozen other software developers offer software that, in one way or another, takes scanned images and converts them into editable, resolution-independent vector images. There's nothing new to the concept. And, for that matter, there's not a whole lot that's new about the ways in which this process happens or the quality of the results it produces. What is new though--or relatively so--is the concept of adding this functionality to Adobe Illustrator in the form of an easy to use plugin. ...Read More »
Macromedia Freehand MX By Dave Nagel If I were to take all of the work I've done in Freehand and stack it up next to the work I've done in Adobe Illustrator, I'd say that the Illustrator stack would be about 500 times as tall as the Freehand stack. Yet, with the release of Freehand MX, this situation is rapidly reversing itself--or at least equalizing. This latest version of Macromedia's vector illustration suite is just that good. ...Read More »
Human Software Squizz 4 Pro By Dave Nagel People ask me all the time, "Dave, how can I distort my image in Photoshop with curvy warp effects? That 'Liquify' thingy is nice, but I need more control over the warps--kind of like what you can do in Illustrator." I answer, "You mean envelope distortions?" They say, "No, warpy things where you make one thing fit into another shape." I say, "Listen, you, that's called an envelope distortion. No, you can't." But actually you can with a little plugin from Human Software called Squizz 4 Pro. ...Read More »
Vertigo Software 3D PopArt 2.0 By Dave Nagel This is our first review of a piece of software from Vertigo and a fitting place to start. Vertigo is the maker of several 3D plugins for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for Macintosh and Windows. This one, 3D PopArt 2.0, is the company's first full release for Mac OS X. It's also a solid piece of software that's simple to use, quick and easy to understand. ...Read More »
CValley FILTERiT 4.1.1 for Mac OS X By Dave Nagel We last visited the FILTERiT set of plugins for Adobe Illustrator more than a year ago. Back then, Illustrator was in version 9, and a Mac OS X release was just another scribble on Adobe's "Dumb Things I Gotta Do Today" memo pad. But times and software have changed. And since FILTERiT is such a worthwhile set of filters for Illustrator, it's certainly worth the time to revisit the software in its latest incarnation for Mac OS X. ...Read More »
Adobe Illustrator 10 By Dave Nagel Vector illustration programs change little on the surface from version to version these days. Both Macromedia Freehand and Adobe Illustrator have been around for so long that major releases might seem like little more than maintenance updates. This perception is somewhat misguided. True, there are few spectacular new features in either product's latest incarnation. But what these releases (both version 10) might lack in spectacle, they do make up for in workflow and depth. And that's what illustration programs at this point are all about. ...Read More »
Swift 3D Version 2 By Adam Bell New features of Swift3D include two new object editors. The Extrusion Editor allows you to create 3D objects using Bezier curves. The Lathe Editor is something Swift really needed. Again you create objects in 2D like Illustrator, but this time when you bring it into the Scene it sweeps the object so you can create round objects like Wine Glasses and Footballs really easily. ...Read More »
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